Q. Am I under any obligation after submitting my application to you?
A. Absolutely not. Your application is simply required to assess whether or not you are a candidate. We will register you in our system and when you are ready to commence an assignment, you are set to go!


Q. What do I have to do to become eligible?
A. Minimum Requirements for Employment: to ensure the delivery of safe and effective nursing care, we follow a detailed compliance program called the Nurse Credential Assurance Plan. You’ll find the highlights below.

Policy: Nurses employed by Progressive are required to meet certain minimum requirements for hire and retention, prior to hospital or facility placement.

Procedure: The documentation outlined below must be presented and evaluated prior to hire:

  • Valid state licensure
  • Valid BLS card
  • Completed I-9 (2 forms of ID and citizenship or proof of US employment eligibility required)
  • Pre-employment physical exam and subsequent annual statement of good health
  • Negative PPD or, if positive or BCG, a negative chest x-ray as baseline and completion of annual TB questionnaire
  • Current immunizations and/or titer levels
  • Completed Progressive employment application
  • Personal phone interview and skill level assessment
  • 2+ years of experience in nursing, including 1 year in current specialty field
  • Completed skills checklist
  • Two clinical, professional references
  • Competency exams for all clinical specialties
  • Annual drug screening and criminal background check
  • Fit Test, Flu, Tdap, Initial Resume, Tax Documents

For a complete list of hiring documents, testing requirements, and medical records required, contact our Recruiting Department at 703-750-1010 or 888-750-1012.

Evaluation: All recruiting data is reviewed and evaluated by a Nurse Recruiter.


Q. Does this cost me anything?
A. There is no registration fee.


Q. Do I need a new license for each state I travel to?
A. Each State has different rules and regulations. If it is a “compact state”, then you don’t need a new license. If you choose to work in a state that requires a new license, we will be sure to let you know and our compliance officer will assist you with this process.