Travel Positions

Travel Nursing

Travel Positions

Think of all the places to where you have dreamed of traveling. Whether it’s the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains, the beaches of Florida, our historic cities, or the countless other locations available, we believe that Progressive Nursing Travel is “The National Choice for Travel”.

Application QuickStart Online.
This is the quickest and best way to begin the application process with Progressive. Or, if you prefer, you may fax your resume to 1-877-654-1012, or simply call 1-877-337-7695 to request an application packet to be mailed out to you as soon as possible. You will be required to complete a short telephone screening process with one of our Travel Nurse Recruiters and Staffing Specialists. This is for your benefit as it provides us with the vital information required by us to provide you with an exciting and appropriate assignment with the benefits YOU NEED. Submitting your application or resume does not in any way obligate you to travel with us but enables us to provide you with many exciting options.

Getting to Know your Travel Nurse Recruiter and Staffing Specialist
As soon as your application is accepted, you are assigned to a Travel Nurse Recruiter and Staffing Specialist. This person will be your most important link with Progressive, their responsibility is solely to support and guide you through your travel healthcare career. Tell them what you are looking for, but first, ask yourself a few questions: What is the most important aspect to you? Top pay rates? Assignment locations? Growing professionally? Living close to your family? Tax Free Stipends? Accommodation? Maybe you have always wanted to work in a particular facility or city. Your Travel Nurse Recruiter & Staffing Specialist will listen to your personal and professional needs and help you make the most educated decision about which assignments suit you best.

Choose an Assignment Location
Based on the information you provide, your Travel Nurse Recruiter & Staffing Specialist will research specific assignments that best match your skills and preferences. Together you will discuss the advantages of each assignment, compare what each offers, study pay rates, review facility requirements and determine which is the best fit for you.

The Facility Interview
Before the phone interview, we send your credentials to the facility. Your Travel Nurse Recruiter & Staffing Specialist will help you prepare for the interview, giving you the best possible opportunity to be offered the job. You will have a telephone interview with a representative of the hospital, usually the nurse manager of the unit.

Accept your Assignment
Congratulations, you are now a Progressive Travel Nurse! Your Travel Nurse Recruiter & Staffing Specialist will assist you with your credential requirements and licensure process in your assignment State. This is completed with our compliance coordinator who is highly skilled in ensuring you’re correct to work. Any housing and travel will be pre-arranged by Progressive and the information will be provided to you in a detailed itinerary. You will receive your assignment contract, that is detailed information on the benefits you chose your compensation, tax advantage programs (if applicable) and much, much more.

Ready, Set, Travel
Wherever you go on assignment, Progressive is with you every step of the way. We will even help you get to your first assignment by providing driving directions to your apartment and your facility. Once you arrive, your Travel Nurse Recruiter & Staffing Specialist will be in constant touch with you throughout the length of your assignment. If you are working in an area where we have a local Progressive office we will provide you with an introduction.